Session 1: Introduction To Python Programming

Hello everyone!

Use this thread to ask questions about topics covered in Session 1.

General rules to follow:

  • Indicate the quiz or exercise name at the beginning of your post.
  • Write down your question in as much detail as you possibly can.
  • If your question involves code, please include it in code blocks below with comments and avoid posting screenshots.

Actually am facing problem in submitting the perticular EXCERCISE part in the Session 1 … Though I’ve completed all the given codes but at last the ‘submit’ icon is not working I guess…Like after the completion of code when I clicked on the submit button , It’s showing that “Notes successfully submitted” …but in the left side session chart box , it’s not showing the Teek mark beside the Excercise part …soo what would I do…

Hi Archita,

Have you passed all the test cases?

You can click on feedback to have a look.

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