Homework Discussions for the Unsupervised Learning Workshop

Discuss the homework here!

Here is the homework submission form: https://forms.gle/vpYJoU3swWnKSC8K9

If you’d like to get a certificate for this workshop, you must attempt the quiz questions in the Google Form and upload your homework solution notebook (the extension of which must be .ipynb).

Uploaded the homework on Thursday but still haven’t received the certificate!

Hi @itskedarpandya , Homework is in evaluation stage, the certificates will be released soon.

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still haven’t received my certificate!

@itskedarpandya Apologies for that. There have been some issues at the backend. We will release them as soon as things stabilize. I will put up a post here once certificates are released.

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it’s been over a month now, please email me my certificate if you are having troubles to upload them to the site…