Homework Discussions for the Pandas Workshop

We’ll use this thread to discuss the 2nd homework, the one for the Pandas Workshop.

Here is the homework submission form: https://forms.gle/FWj61JLrx98HFjev9

If you’d like to get a certificate for this workshop, you must attempt the quiz questions in the Google Form and upload your homework solution notebook (the extension of which must be .ipynb).

Is there a better way to find the month with max movies released? For now, I’ve counted the movies again and used idxmax() method on the Series.


Hello @m0sh1, welcome to the forum. Great job on completing the homework and getting the plot. Yes, there are many ways to get the result one of which you have done correctly. Since we are talking about month, Pandas provides another method which can directly get you the month name:


In our case, this will result in the following minor change in your code:


Try it out and let me know what result you get.
Great job on the homework !! Hope you learned a lot of new stuff !!

I tried by finding the mode of the Series as that month would be the most frequent


Yes Sir, this code works perfectly, thank you for the clarification.

I got a different graph. :cry:

@bbhaskar8 where will we get the certificate for this workshop?
Also is it compulsory to stick to one cohort only for certification?
I am in cohort 2 , but i will be out of station for 1 class, so i was planning to see the cohort 3 classes instead.

@yeskaydeee We will release the certificates after the homework submission deadline is over. After the release of certificates, you can access them on the https://my.univ.ai/ portal under the Univ.verse tab in the Certificates section.

No, it is not compulsory to stick to one cohort for certification. We understand that people have other priorities to cater to and so the whole idea of different sequences was to enable them to attend these workshops at different times. So, don’t worry. As long as you are completing your homeworks and submitting them on time, you will get your certificates.

@melvinsamv Were you able to figure out the error? Let us know if you need any help.

I got this

@bbhaskar8 Form is not accepting responses. Please check once

@sainath.tulluri The submission form has been enabled now. Let me know in case you are unable to access it.

@sainath.tulluri The plot looks a little off to me. Could you check your calculation once more.

I am getting this error when I begin plotting the graph. I suspect it is happening as there is no unique role done by Leo in the month of October and November. I am getting the graph but also the error. Please help me solve it!!

@itskedarpandya The plot doesn’t appear right to me.

The plot will look something like this.

Please, check your calculations.

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I’ve Submitted Homework and Quiz both but unable see certificate of this workshop in certificates section.

@jayvirsinh.kher Apologies for that. There have been some issues at the backend. We will release them as soon as things stabilize. I will put up a post here once the certificates are released.

No ceritificate yet. If you can’t solve your backend problems please kindly email the certificates to us…

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No certificates received yet