Questions for the Command Line Basics Workshop

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So remember the wierd error we were having in the matplotlib plot? well it turned out that the python my machine was picking up was the default macos python, which is still python 2.7. Very old! When i shifted to my installed python3 all was good.

How do you make this shift? See this:

➜  newfolder which python

This is the standard apple python. BAD!

On my system I have installed anaconda python at:
/Users/rahul/miniforge3/bin/ but this is not in my path by default. So on the shell i need to do:

➜  newfolder export PATH=/Users/rahul/miniforge3/bin:${PATH}
➜  newfolder which python                                   
➜  newfolder cat 13-0.txt | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]' | grep -oE "[a-z\']{2,}" | sort | grep -Fvwf stopwords.txt | uniq -c | sort -nr | ./ output2.png

Now I have no problems.

where can I watch the recorded lecture of command line basics workshop conducted yesterday?

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