PyPrep-session recordings

Lecture 1 and 2 ( includes 2 labs) -

Lecture 3 and 4 (Includes 2 labs)-

Hack day :


It asks for the password to access lecture 3 and 4. What is it?

Please try again, you have access.

It would be great if download link is provided for Lecture 3 and 4, similar to Lecture 1 and 2 instead of zoom recording. I can download the file in my office at higher internet speed instead of viewing it at poor internet speed at my home.

@Priyanka ? can we lip this onto the drive?

Hi Sharad, you can view these recordings anytime using the links above. We will publish these free recordings to our Youtube channel once they are edited and you can then download them from there.
In case you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, here is the link.