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Hello everyone!

Use this topic to ask questions related to the functioning of the Univ.AI platform.

i got disconnected and have not got room number

what to do now?

Next time please inform our academic coordinator, Sheetal and she will assign you a room.

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I am not access my cohort.

Please check now.

I am not able to see my application tab… And also not able to access my cohort

I am. Having another doubt… And it is that i haven’t received a mail regarding… Can you pls explain

You do not have to use Please use the discussion tab on the platform at to ask your questions.

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Whenever I try to access the Exercises for Session 2, I get the following Error:

(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value).create is not a function

No need to panic if you spot a mischievous error wreaking havoc on our website; just click that ‘Report Bug’ button below and let us know!

I can’t able to submit my exercise

I can’t able to submit my exerciseof Session 2.

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My name is not showing on my cohort.

Showing an error, access denied.

In my cohort nothing is showing please help with this.

i am not able to submit my exercise -3 of session 5 as it showing something traceback…

Hello Kashis,

Please copy paste the error that is being shown on your screen in this thread. We will look into it.



i’m not able to submit Session 7’s 1st Exercise : Astronomer’s dilemma, whenever i try to save the file or submit it, it throws an error about not being able to save the file

sir for session 10 exercise custom linear regression implementation my kernel is showing error repeatedly.

hello .my doubt is there were all the features of subtitles and transcriptions showing in each session’s recorded video …which is not available now. There were also a short description showing below the lecture.which is now not available. please solve this

me too mam for which i didnt get the chance to submit it within deadline… tried a lot to submit within the time tried to submit the exercise 1 of session 7 , 3 days before the deadline but it didnt get submitted. for which my grade will be decrease so please look after it .