Homework Discussions for the Trees and Ensembles Workshop

Discuss the homework here!

Here is the homework submission form: https://forms.gle/cESTqxfJqbjnEFYT9

If you’d like to get a certificate for this workshop, you must attempt the quiz questions in the Google Form and upload your homework solution notebook (the extension of which must be .ipynb).

I wasn’t able to attend this workshop due to a lab session I had at that exact time, should I wait for the next workshop? Or should I just go through the material and submit the homework? I have submitted all my assignments on time in the Blue Sequence and I don’t want to lose my certificate for the complete series just because of the last workshop. What should I do? Do I still get the certificate for the Blue Sequence if I submit it after attending the next session next week?

@tejas55 You have two options:

  1. You can go through the workshop recording available here and can submit the homework before the Blue sequence deadline which is this Sunday, 10th Apr 2022.

  2. You can attend the next iteration of this workshop which is part of Red sequence scheduled on 16th April 2022 and can submit the homework as per the submission deadline for that workshop.

In both the cases, you will not miss out on any certificate if you submit your homework within the deadline.

NOTE: Just make sure that you do not submit the homework in both the sequences.