Hackathon 2 - Discussion forum

Hello AI enthusiasts,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the second hackathon of the Geoffrey Hinton Fellowship.

This forum is to discuss your doubts related to hackathon 2 and share knowledge.

We request all of you to follow these guidelines-

  1. Be civil and avoid using any foul language.
  2. Help each other but don’t cheat. If found cheating, your candidature for hackathon 2 will stand cancelled.
  3. Don’t share any piece of code/ code notebook or images etc.
  4. Don’t do any promotional activities.

Enhance your AI knowledge by working on the problem statement. Have fun solving it with your peers!

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I am making a submission, however it returns the following message:

Then I tried submitting the sample submission file, and again recieved the same error.

I am submitting my code as a .py file.

Are there any hidden whitespaces or other constraints in the submission?

You can refer to the sample submission. let’s say you are predicting A,B,C then you should write in your submission file as A, B, C. also look for column name in the submission.csv file

I sbmitted the sample file, but got the same error. However now it says i have to wait for 24 hours to make submissions, so I can only check tomorrow now.

Hi @prajwal31 We have resolved the issue. Please try making a submission now.

Hi, how can I see my submissions? And their scores

Hi @abraham, You get a score as soon as you make a submission. It displays on the screen.

You can see your rank for the scores after the leaderboard is open ( it will be opened by this weekend).

The leaderboard is open. Kindly have a look all of you!

Can anyone tell me how to approach this problem? And Is it clustering problem?

Can the submission limit be increased from 10 to say 20? It would be really helpful

Hi @bchakshu14 ,
I hope you are doing well.

The submission limit gets resets every 24 hours. So you get 10 submissions per day.

I hope this helps.

I am well, hope you are doing well yourself too.
Yes, there are 10 submissions per day, but as I train the model and tune the hyperparameters, I require a bit more submissions. If the daily limit can be increased, it would greatly benefit

I will see to it and let you know

Why is this issue? I am not able to evaluate my model even i have 8 submissions remaining,

I am trying to submit my notebook but getting size error.

Please look into this.

I am getting this error ,
I have earlier made submissions with same format but now suddenly it’s giving this error,
I have given write names to columns and size of file is also 19981x2 , then why I am getting this error

My submission is not getting evaluated even though it is in proper format.
Do we have to make submission for the same users as in sample submission

Hi @nasir.afroze I believe some of the participants are exploiting the submission limit by creating fake accounts. Also there are a few clarifications that might help:

  1. The public leaderboard being created/scores are on 100% test data?
    * Will the Private Leaderboard be created based on hidden dataset?
    * Basically, how will the final evaluations be done? Based on public leaderboard itself or will the models be evaluated on hidden dataset?

  2. Will the notebooks be compared and checked for different participants? And external collaboration is allowed?
    * If the answer to both the parts is “NO”, then this is another area which I believe some of the participants are exploiting.

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Hi @rohitsainice,

Thanks for reaching out and informing us about this. We will look into it and take the necessary action.

1 The public leaderboard is not created on 100% test data.
2 Some part of your submission is used for creating the public leaderboard and the rest for the private leaderboard.

Your notebooks will be used during your interviews ( if you reach that stage).

During interviews, we will take all things into account. We have strict policies for malpractices. If found guilty, then strict actions will be taken against people. So don’t worry about it.

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Thanks a lot @nasir.afroze, that’s really helpful.