Hackathon 1.1 - Problem statement related queries

Hello Everyone, Kindly ask us any doubt related to the Problem Statement of Hackathon 1.1 here itself.

When would the leaderboard be available?

Hello @rachit1jain 10/08/2021.

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what is the difference between the public and private leaderboard?

@sudhanshu please reply when free

@rishi19102 The Pubic leaderboard is live during the hackathon and display your score based on the dataset submitted by you. The private leaderboard will open after the end of the hackathon and will display your score by testing your final dataset against a new dataset that we have not provided you.

@sudhanshu when would the results be revealed also can the people not selected in top 10 attend final round to understand the approach used by the winner

When will Private Leaderboard be available?

@rishi19102 we will organize a debriefing session for this.

@visheshsoni we are extending deadline for 1.1.

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Can the organisers please confirm if the roc_auc_score is being calculated against the predicted probabilities and not the predicted classes? It ideally should be the former.

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@sagarjounkani roc_auc_score is being calculated against the predicted probabilities.