Hackathon 1.1 - Discussion forum

Hello AI enthusiasts,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the second hackathon of the Geoffrey Hinton Fellowship.

This forum is to discuss your doubts related to hackathon 1.1 and share knowledge.

We request all of you to follow these guidelines-

  1. Be civil and avoid using any foul language.
  2. Help each other but don’t cheat. If found cheating, your candidature for hackathon 3 will stand cancelled.
  3. Don’t share any piece of code/ code notebook or images etc.
  4. Don’t do any promotional activities.

Enhance your AI knowledge by working on the problem statement. Have fun solving it with your peers!

Hi @sudhanshu , I just checked that the hackathon 1.1 is open only for students. Can people who are in between jobs or looking for jobs participate in this hackathon?

Hello @kishansav Yes, you can participate in it. But you will not eligible for prizes. But you will get a certificate.

Can I submit it today also? @sudhanshu please reply fast when I submit the evaluation says it need 19812 rows, not 28000 rows?

Hello @morizin we are extending deadline for next 10 days. you can submit.

I have a question, is dataset real or is it randomly labelled ?

Hello @muhammadahmed the provided dataset is synthetic dataset.

When will the top 25 participants get 500 rupees amazon voucher. Also was the winning solution discussed?