Doubt in plotting

‘’'def plot_simulation(simulation):
fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize=(12,6))
ax.hist(simulation, bins=np.arange(200, 538, 1),
label=‘simulations’, align=‘left’, density=True)
ax.axvline(332, 0, .5, color=‘r’, label=‘Actual Outcome’)
ax.axvline(269, 0, .5, color=‘k’, label=‘Victory Threshold’)
p05 = np.percentile(simulation, 5.)
p95 = np.percentile(simulation, 95.)
iq = int(p95 - p05)
pwin = ((simulation >= 269).mean() * 100)
ax.set_title(“Chance of Obama Victory: %0.2f%%, Spread: %d votes” % (pwin, iq))
ax.legend(frameon=True, loc=‘upper left’)
ax.set_xlabel(“Obama Electoral College Votes”)

In the above code, we are actually considering only 90% of the histogram plot, so in which line of the above code, the computer gets to know to represent the 90% of the plot

Hey, we are plotting the entire thing right… not 90%… can you please elaborate what do you mean by 90%?

in the above graph we took spread across 60 votes, which means we are considering between 5% and 95%

So I think we are plotting the entire thing, but using this line: iq = int(p95 - p05), we are calculating the interquartile range and marking it in the label.

So we are doing it just for label purpose